Monthly Archive: February 2011

Demo neck! 0

Demo neck!

I came up to the front to demonstrate how we would pray for someone on the streets and ended up getting my neck healed from 6 year of pain and discomfort. Wesley

Tuition paid 0

Tuition paid

Several students have had supernatural provision that has partially and for some fully paid for their tuition. Checks in the mail, gifts and surprises, finding money… come on!!! Praise God!

Treasure Hunt Testimonies 0

Treasure Hunt Testimonies

We have several people experience partial healing and full healing on the streets during outreach and treasure hunts during the week. It is so fun when we take a risk and the see what...

Spine straightened more… 0

Spine straightened more…

One of our students who had a curvature in her spine had a partial adjustment of 1 inch when her fellow student’s prayed for her. More Lord please… Spine be completely straightened in Jesus...

Tim Hortons Atheist 0

Tim Hortons Atheist

Me and some other students from school were doing a treasure hunt and we ended up in Tim Hortons, and i struck up a conversation with a guy who fit the description. I asked...