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Application Stages

  1. Fill out the Online Application Form.
  2. Pay the Non-Refundable Application Fee of $35.
  3. Your pastoral reference will fill out an Online Reference Form we send them.
  4. Partake in a Phone Interview with one of our Directors.

Please Read the Application Procedures before filling out this form.

Application Procedures

Apply for EWSSM 2013

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Personal Information

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* Married Status
If Married, will your spouse attend school too?
If separated, divorced or other, please provide an explanation for each marriage and divorce:
* Birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy)
* Birth Country
* Are you a Canadian Citizen?

Spiritual Information

Give a brief description of your Christian experience (how and when you came to know the Lord; your present walk with the Lord). Limit statement to 300 words:
* Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:4 ?
* If yes, how do you know you were baptized in the Spirit?
* Do you attend church regularly?
* Are you a member?
* How long have you been attending regularly there?
* What is the name of your church?
* Pastor's Name
* Pastor's Email Address
* Church Address
* The City your Church is located in.
* Province or State
* Postal/ZIP code
* Have you recently left another church?
If yes, was it a good parting or are there unresolved issues?
State any Christian service you have done:
Please list any books written by Bill Johnson or Kris Vallotton you have read.
How did you hear about EWSSM?
Briefly explain why you want to attend Eyes and Wings School of Supernatural Ministry:


Please describe any physical or emotional conditions, and state any special attention, treatment, or medication required:


* Did you graduate from High School or acquire an equivalent GED?
Did you graduate from University/College?


Name of spouse, if married
Does your Spouse support your desire to attend EWSSM?
Children (names and ages)


Answering “YES” to the following questions will NOT automatically disqualify the applicant from acceptance.
* Have you used tobacco in the last six months?
*Have you drank alcoholic beverages in the last six months?
If yes to either of these questions please explain.
* Have you been involved with pornography in the last 12 months?
If so, when was the last time, and what have you been doing to remain pure in this area?
* Have you been involved in homosexuality within the last 5 years?
If so, when was the last time? And please explain what God has done to restore you:
* Have you ever been arrested?
If yes, when? Please provide a brief explanation:
Were you ever convicted?
* Have you ever been involved in the occult, witchcraft, or cults
If yes, please provide a brief explanation:
* Have you used illegal drugs in the last year?
If yes, please provide a brief explanation:


Current Employer
Employer Address (Building#, Street Name, Prov/State, Postal Code, Country)


Tuition is $600 per semester or $1000 for the year and you are expected to pay at least 25% on the first day of school and commit to a payment plan which will cover the remaining tuition by the time the program you are applying for is completed.
* Will you be prepared to pay this amount?
If no, please explain.

Pastoral Reference:
* Full Name (John Smith)
* Full Address (House #, Street Name, Prov/State, Postal Code, Country)
* Phone Number
* Email
* Email Confirmation

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I understand that any falsification of information on this application is grounds for dismissal at any time. I hereby certify that I have read the Eyes and Wings School of Supernatural Ministry Policies (published online at I accept them, and agree to abide by them while a student of Eyes and Wings School of Supernatural Ministry.
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